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Предпремьерный показ фильма "Hubal". В главной роли Павел Делонг ( Pawel Delag )

Предпремьерный показ фильма "Hubal".
Пшемысль. 02.12.2017 в 18.00
В главной роли Павел Делонг ( Pawel Delag )

"W najbliższą sobotę 2 grudnia warto się wybrać do Przemyśla. O godzinie 18 w Przemyskich Podziemiach (Rynek 1) odbędzie się przedpremierowy pokaz etiudy filmowej „Hubal” Grzegorza Bogaczewicza." https://youtu.be/Su6MZY07PM8

суббота, 25 ноября 2017 г.

среда, 15 ноября 2017 г.

РМ 2,5 - лучший короткометражный фильм.
Pawel Delag ( Павел Делонг )
Piotr Biedroń :
Zanim ogłoszono werdykt, przewodniczący Jury zapowiedział że wygrał film który, opowiada wzruszającą historię, człowieka, który jest wielkim bohaterem. Że jest to film o walce i nadziei ale przede wszystkim o życiu.
Film na świecie powoli spełnia funkcję „ambasadora” - naszej walki o „czyste powietrze". A nasz Konstanty Radziwiłł twierdzi nadal "Nie ma w tej chwili żadnego powodu do paniki"

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Павел Делонг и Дорота Делонг ( Dorota Delag ). Первые фотографии с нового театрального проекта „Wiesz ze ja Wiem„

Павел Делонг и Дорота Делонг ( Dorota Delag ).
Pawel Delag: "No i poszły konie po betonie ... ... „i wiecie ze wiemy , ze wiecie „ ... oberc , lichota i dwa razy deląg"

Pawel Delag: "I wiemy , ze wiecie , ze wiemy Delag &Delag"

Pawel Delag: "I wiecie , że wiemy , że wiecie - lichota , delag"

Pawel Delag: "I wiemy , że wiecie , że wiemy - Oberc - Delag"

Павел Делонг ( Pawel Delag ) : "Zdjęcie ręka Ani Oberc , zaczynamy próby „ Wiesz ze ja Wiem „ - Leszek Lichota i moja sister w składzie - mega pierwszy raz nasze rodzinne spotkanie na scenie ... Nareszcie ! #Trema"

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Pavel Delong (Pawel Delag / Павел Делонг) was born on 29 April 1970 in the city of Krakow in Poland.
He is Polish actor who works with directors from different countries. His Zodiacal sign is Taurus. Delong starrd if films of following genres: comedy, romance, drama, action, adventure, historical movies, biographies, war movies, detective stories, fantasy, horror, thriller. To date, the filmography of the actor has over 100 films and TV series. The general public learned of the actor because of his participation in the films "Schindler's List" by Steven Spielberg, "Quo Vadis" by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, "In June of 41" by Alexander Franskevich-Laie etc.
As a child Pavel did not consider an acting career, he liked sports, adventure and travel more. Delon's father was a drummer, his relatives were musicians. Pavel has a sister Dorota.
After finishing school in 1989 before Pavel had a choice where to continue his education. He had opportunity to enter the Academy of physical culture to connecnt his life with sports, or faculty of law of Jagiellonian University, or the Academy of dramatic art. Despite the fact that the interests were quite diverse, Pavel chose the path of an actor.
In 1993, Delong graduated from the National theatre school n.a. Ludvika Solski. Since 1993 the actor has played on the stage. He had the opportunity to perform on the stages of Warsaw, Kielce, Wroclaw.
In 1993, Pavel Delong made debut as an actor. He got a role in the film of the famous director Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) entitled "Schindler's List" (Schindler's List), which was filmed in Krakow. Such a good start allowed Pavel to instantly become a sought-after actor. In the same period, Pavel Delong starred in the film "Death in shallow water" in Hungary.
In 1994, actor starred in the TV series "Fitness Club" and became known among the Polish people. Later he participated in the shooting Polish films “Młode wilki” (Young wolves) – 1995, «Szamanka» (The Shaman) – 1996, «Kiler» (Killer) – 1997, «Złoto dezerterуw» (Gold of deserters) – 1998. Moreover, he was in films “Sortez des rangs” (Leave the ranks) - 1996, «Marion from Foue» - 1997, “Glory and praise” - 1997, “The dark side of Venis” - 1998. The year 1999 marked for an actor by participation in filming the TV series "the Nesting place" in the role of Jacek Siedlisko, "In good and in evil" in a role of Dr. Stanislav Dzhevetsky.
At the beginning of the new Millennium Delong surprised the audience by a different talent. Together with the musical band "Justyna Stechkovska" he recorded and released an album called "Speak to me more". There was the release of the collection in the fall of 2001.
In 2001, Delong received his first award: he got reward“Teleamor” in Poland.
Thqt same year, Pavel participated in the filming of the film "Quo Vadis", after which the the European, American and Russian markets were opened before the actor. In that film he played Marcus Vinicius.
In 2002, the actor appeared in the film "Hacker" as a hacker named Daniel. In 2004, Pavel Delong played Dziki Schwartz (Dziki Szwarc) in the TV series "Wild Boars". Later he appeared in the TV series "Criminal" (Kryminalni) in the role of Nivinsky Gregor. Also at this time Pavel appeared in the movie "I'll show you!" in the role of Adam. In 2007, the actor starred in the TV series called "The mystery of the secret cipher". There he played Howard Compain.
In 2008, Delong starred in the film "the House" made in the USA.
Russian audience first saw Pavel Delong in the film "In June 1941". The film of joint production of the two countries – Russia and Belarus - was a huge success. In just one day 4.5 million viewers watched it.
In 2009, Delong starred in the movie "Sniper: Vengeance weapon" byRussian-Belarussian production.
After a while Delong appeared in the movie "Salamander is the key", which was shot by Russian filmmakers. There the actor played a Russian character Ivanych. In that film Hollywood actors such as Rutger Hauer, Michael Madsen starred with Delong. In addition, Russian actor Valery Nikolaev and world champion in martial arts Fedor Emelianenko participated in the filming.
Pavel Delong is very popular in France. The audience particularly liked his French movies: the film "Nous nous sommes tant haïs" (2007) that was filmed for the anniversary of the European Union; fictionalized TV series about Mark Antony, "The Destiny of Rome" (2011), in which Pavel had a chance to play in Latin, and "Russian campaign of Napoleon" ( 2015 ), in which Delong played the Russian Tsar Alexander I.
2016 is marked in the career of Pavel Delong by several great premieres in Russia. There were film "The Source", which received at the international film festival "Green vision" an award in the nomination "the Best film for children and youth" and an epic film"Viking" by Andrei Kravchuk. In "Viking" Pavel played a priest Anastas from Byzantium. For that role the actor had to change beyond recognition.
At the beginning of 2017 the premiere of the romantic Comedy "All or nothing" (Wszystko al bo nic) took place in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In that movie Pavel Delong not only played a leading role, but he made his debut as фаproducer and director of dubbing.
Pavel Delong plays in the theatre with the success. In 2015, 23 years after graduation, the reconstruction of Pavel's diploma performance "Maciej Korbowa i Bellatrix" by Christian Lope premiered in Warsaw and Krakow with the participation of the same actors and the same text. It was unprecedented event in the theatrical life in Poland.
In 2016 there was the premiere of the play "To be like Elizabeth Taylor", where Pavel Delong plays the role of Richard Burton.
The actor received several more awards. In 2014 he got the reward Plejada Top Ten 2014 in nomitaion “Carrier withot limits” in Poland.
In 2015 he also became laureate of "Politki 2015".
Pavel Delong is one of the most popular Polish actors of modern generation. He actively films in Russia, Belarus and other countries of the CIS, Czech Republic, France, the USA. The actor doesn't prefer any particular genre of movies: it's not the genre that matters to him, but the story in the basis of the film.